Buying My New Sewing Machine

hankiesI quit my juice fast and now Jon and I are going to Glens Falls to get my new sewing machine.  Things are looking good.  My Kickstarter money was deposited in my bank account on Monday, thank you all, once again!   I’m bringing my old machine in for a cleaning (yesterday it was making a chug chugging noise) and hopefully, in a few hours I’ll be in my studio trying out my machine.

2 thoughts on “Buying My New Sewing Machine

  1. Hi Maria

    When I saw this picture, I remembered my mother having some of the exact same hankies. I just spoke with my best friend who told me she sent the pictured hankies to you. I had given her some of Mom’s hankies when she passed away. So, not only did they look like my Mom’s, they WERE her hankies! What a nice surprise. I’m so happy they will be put to good use. Thank you so much!

    1. Oh Ann, I’m so glad to have your Mom’s hankies and to know where they came from. I’m going to post a photo of Brenda’s hankie quilt and the hankies she sent me. Now I have more to add to the story. Thank you and your mom.

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