Peaceable Bedlam Quilt

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Somewhere in between rushing Jon to the airport,  starting and finishing a Juice Fast, buying my new sewing machine and have a major panic attack about buying my new sewing machine, I designed Susan’s Peaceable Bedlam Quilt.  I couldn’t tell you when I did it but when I walked into my studio this morning and looked at it on my floor, I was happy with it.  I’m sure it will have a few changes as I start to piece it together, or may make some changes when I see it fresh on Monday.

The quilt has the four panels that I made of the animals from the farm surrounded by the fabric that Susan sent me.   The fabric and clothes came neatly folded in a box.  Each piece had a yellow post-it on it with a description like:  Gerry’s shirt, The skirt my mother made me, My brother’s shirt and These sunflowers remind me of Bedlam Farm.  I couldn’t use all the fabric Susan sent and added the red from my own shelves.  There were mostly patterns and I needed some solids to give the design some definition.

I was definitely thinking of the Gee’s Bend Quilts when I was designing this.  Especially since I’ve been reading the book and looking at the photo’s of the quilts in the evenings.  I thought of how the quilts would often have a traditional pattern that the quilter would intentionally shift either by changing an element of the design or by choice of  color.  So the balance was thrown off.  It’s those idiosyncratic decisions that always intrigue me.

Next week I’ll start sewing it together on my new machine. (fingers crossed).

Susan's skirt with the post-it note on it.
Susan’s skirt with the post-it note on it. I used both the flowered print outside and solid brown fabric liner.

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  1. I love this quilt, you certainly have blended the traditional design with your own interpretation!! The solid red really brings it all together. Annie

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