Jon and George, The Lost Twins

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Sometimes Jon and George are standing next to each other and the energy between them is palpable.  There’s a connection so strong and gentle it makes me think of the love between brothers that I’ve never seen but have read about. The lost twin finally found.

And sometimes it’s like they’re the same person from different universes or planes of existence that have somehow come together.  I wouldn’t doubt that Georges Ginofor Gallery is a portal of sorts that allows such things to occur. I’m certain magic happens there and that George is only privy to some of it.

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4 thoughts on “Jon and George, The Lost Twins

  1. Maria, It is an extraordinary gift to find a soul mate later in life and one that is a symbiotic relationship for both. It wasn’t difficult to notice that Jon steps to the beat of his own drummer and growing up like that is not easy, for the soul of that person would have been developing even back then. I suspect he’s met his match in you, as well, and how fortunate that you are both allowed to be creative each in your own ways and that Jon has the ability and foresight to be instrumental in marketing at cleverly as he does and as openly honest in your feelings, both of you. It’s like a breath of fresh air to come to your blogs.

    I find the internet both wonderful and extremely dismaying in that it has allowed for so much anger to be spewed across others screens. This anger hides behind a computer screen and in one flick, that anger goes out to others. Jon copes well with the anger he comes upon and flicks into the basket of better things in life than taking it in. Good for him, good for you…enjoy this time of your lives. Living in or near a small town is enriching in ways urban city folks may not understand. I’ve always felt life should be lived in a village of people where there is support, warmth, friendship and where people care. And, yes, they do know your business but frankly, that is okay with me.

    This sort of took off in another direction but George and Donna are part of that small town that Jon has literally put on the map. Cambridge, NY.

    Sandy P in Canada where the deer are running, the grass is beginning to turn green and I’m hanging my B&B sheets on out the clothes line while snow and ice are still patched all over our land.

  2. Oh, Maria, YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! These two have amazing chemistry, I never tire of reading about their wonderful, wacky friendship. Annie

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