Making Notecards and The Original Drawings

Magic Stuff
Magic Stuff SOLD

I choose the drawings, Jon took photos and I brought the photos to A&M Printers this morning.  In a couple of days I’ll get back the proofs for the first pack of note cards of my drawings.  If they look good, I’ll have them printed.  About 40  of them will go to the backers from my Kickstarter Project and I’ll sell the rest.

I’m also selling three of the original drawings that I’m making the note cards from.  They are $25 each + $7 shipping.  If you’re interested in any of them, just email me here or at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

I drew Magic Stuff over the weekend.  I’ve been confronting (or not confronting) some dark places in me lately and I started this drawing thinking about just that.  When I had finished it, I realized it was about trying to get my power back.  This girl has her broom and her cat and is working some kind of magic with her bare hands. One of those hands is reflected in the mirror affirming where her power really comes from.  Magic Stuff is for sale.

She saw her reflection for the first time.
She saw her reflection for the first time. SOLD

It was years ago during one of the first hikes I went on alone.  I was on the Tongue Mountain Range, in Lake George and I was scared.  Not of the Rattle Snakes that are said to be along the trail, not of any real danger.  It was the murderers and rapists from every bad horror movie I had seen growing up that scared me.  But I was determined to go hiking by myself (even though I had my dog, Skunk with me, I still considered this being alone enough) determined to overcome this fear.  I had made it over a mountain and got to rest on a giant rock overlooking Lake George.  I shared my chocolate bar with Skunk then headed back, not wanting to linger too long.  On the way back, when I knew I was getting close to the trail head, I finally relaxed enough to stop and look around me.  Not far away I saw a young tree about twice my height.  As I looked at it the words, “I didn’t know I was that skinny”  popped into my head.  I was seeing myself as one with the woods.  A feeling of well being came over me as I realize my fear of the woods had nothing to do with the woods, but with what I brought to them.  She saw her reflection for the first time is for sale.

"Tree Woman"
“Tree Woman” SOLD

I originally drew Tree Woman at the Ted Talk where Jon was a speaker.  I redrew it over the weekend so I could use it as a note card.  The original was much smaller and many of the pencil lines were smudged.  It’s pretty much the same as the original except for the green window on the top left which I added along with the color.  It’s about being grounded and receiving the earths creative energy and using it well.  Tree Woman is for sale.

"What I Know"
“What I Know”

I drew What I Know a while ago.   I’ve written about it before and feel the same about it now as I did then.  That  girl knows something and when the time is right, I’ll know it too.  What I Know is not for sale.  This is the drawing that I’m keeping for myself.

3 thoughts on “Making Notecards and The Original Drawings

  1. I love Magic Stuff. As Shakespeare said, “It is the ‘stuff’ that dreams are made of.” If it hasn’t been sold, I’d love to have it. The drawing says something to me. There is something light about it; you may say that it represents your feeling of some of the dark places you might have been seeing in your mind, but to me there is something strong, yet light about her.
    Let me know if it is still for sale. I’d love to have it in my home.
    I, too, am on lamb watch waiting to see Zelda’s offspring.

    1. I think you’re right Jane, she is strong and light. I’m seeing now that she is the real me, underneath the muck. The drawing is still available, I’ll email you about it. Thanks

  2. Darn, the one I wanted! I think it’s the small hand held so firmly against the heart that got me. I keep turning the I pad around to see more of the picture, I want to see it all around and …it flips back…ugggg! Lovely drawing and you should keep it

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