Zelda and the Blood Moon

zelda 2

Is this what Zelda has been waiting for?  The Blood Moon that will occur between 1 and 3am Tuesday morning?  If she hasn’t actually been waiting, will tonight’s Full Lunar Eclipse be the push (or pull) that will help deliver Zelda’s lamb?

Well, I’m usually up around 3am anyway, (my own personal witching hour) so tonight I’ll be outside watching the eclipse and looking at that orange moon (which I read will occur 3 more times  in the next two years) and maybe, just maybe, be in the company of a lamb or two.

4 thoughts on “Zelda and the Blood Moon

  1. Hi Maria. Wanted to let you know that I had my first Reiki experience (can we call it a treatment?) today. I had some very tangible results and interesting sensations. My thoughts of trees and words were made understandable to me, and comfortable to me because of your streaming pieces. I felt that I was open and receptive and able to receive because i had had a little preview of this experience in your streaming pieces. So I do want to say thank you. And my favorite words? You need what you get! Which makes so much more sense out of life for me then, you get what you need!

    1. It’s so good to hear that my work portrays so clearly to you what I’m trying to say Rose. I’ve had a few informal Reiki treatments and found the expansive. I’m going to remember your words, You need what you get.

  2. Oh shoot! picked this photo to comment because I wanted to tell you that I am thinking of you and your new lambs. Its such an exciting time and such a wonderful way to celebrate Easter/Passover/this time of year. All the best to you and these new babies. Keeping all the best thoughts. Excited to hear what you/we get. xo

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