drawing todaydetailToday I did something about all that darkness inside of me that’s been haunting me at 3am and 3pm,  the bad brain and the panic attack over my new sewing machine.   I saw a healer, one who practices Cranial Sacral Therapy and Shamanism.  I know it helped me already, but I’m too close to it and too tired  to write about it tonight.

After sleeping for a couple of hours after our session I did a drawing to help me sort it all out.  This is a detail of that drawing.  One of the images that came to me was a ball of brown yarn and white bone in a shiny metal basket. I remember saying out loud, that with them, I could make a new me.  I don’t think I’ll be starting from scratch, but I would like a few improvements.


4 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Maria, I don’t know if you go this far back in reading your comments but I catch up with you every few days now that my B&B is getting busier…and dental surgery this week took my mind off in another direction but I wanted to say that I, too, go to have cranial sacral work when my brain just can’t settle down. I know it helps. I also have Polarity Therapy once a month and if I could afford it, would have it more often. It relaxes me entirely. I end up snoring like a little pig on the therapist’s table.
    SandyP (and the snow is finally leaving here in Southern, Ontario, Canada)

    1. So you know how it can work Sandy. I’ll have to check out Polarity Therapy, that one’s new to me. Glad your snow is almost gone.

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