Yay! Kim is Back

Kim wearing her new scarf
Kim wearing her new scarf with the lime green “M”.

Last week I gave Kim a batch of scarves to sew.  It was the first sewing she’s done for me since her shoulder surgery in January.  It’s good to have Kim back.  I have lots to do between fulfilling my Kickstarter pledges and getting ready for the Open House in June.

I realized after taking one of the Vintage Hankie Scarves for myself that Kim didn’t have a scarf.  So I told her the next time she came across one that she liked she should take it for herself.  It didn’t take long.  In the last batch of scarves I made one a little different from the others.  The hankies were all white with embroidery on the corners and they were all really big, much bigger that any of the other hankies I have.  I only had a few that size and instead of sewing them straight edge to straight edge I put them all on diagonals, so they were diamond-shaped and asked Kim to sew a line down the middle of them.  I wasn’t sure if it would work,  but Kim brought the scarf to the Round House Cafe today where we were having lunch together.  Kim thought the scarf didn’t hang quite right, it was too floppy, not enough surface area.   I agreed that it would need a few more lines of stitching to hold it all together a bit more, giving it more body.

I don’t know if this design will work with the smaller hankies that I have.  I’ll have to try it out.  So Kim’s new scarf may be a one of a kind  design.  But this isn’t what made Kim have to have this particular scarf.  It was the lime green “M” that lit her up.  Lime green is Kim’s color and the “M” is for McMillan, Kim’s last name.

4 thoughts on “Yay! Kim is Back

  1. Hi Kim! Hi Maria! Ah, together again. This is a happy day. It’s great Kim’s surgery was a success and that you’re once more a team.
    Happy Easter! I hope you (and me too actually) get some chocolate out of it.

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