Sandy, Emily and the Vintage Hankie Scarf

Emily and Sandy
Emily and Sandy

Sandy is an artist who owns a B&B in Canada.  Emily, usually hangs out in Sandy’s Studio, but it seems her studio is spreading out into the other rooms of Sandy’s house.  So Emily has been in the dining room for some time covered up (somewhat) by the Vintage Hankie Scarf that Sandy bought from me a while ago.  Until recently when one of Sandy’s guests fell in love with the scarf and Sandy, making a connection with this woman and being a generous person, gave her the scarf.

So now the scarf is in Montreal and Emily is more exposed that she has been.  But Sandy’s guest don’t seem to mind.  It’s all part of visiting a B&B run by an artist.

4 thoughts on “Sandy, Emily and the Vintage Hankie Scarf

  1. Maria, how fun to visit your blog today and find my dear friend Sandy (or Rosey, as I call her by her nickname) on your blog with Emily LOL and her lovely scarf! What a treat to see my dear friend with one of your lovely creations!!!!!!!!!!! It made my day. Two friends in just one click! When is your Gees Bend trip coming up? I think it is soon?
    Hugs from California
    Susan M

    1. Oh it’s like a party Susan all those threads connecting us. Gee’s Bend is in just a few weeks! I’ll be writing about it along the way.

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