Susie’s White Dog

Susie's version of White Dog in the Snow
Susie’s version of White Dog in the Snow

Susie emailed me when I made my wall hanging White Dog in the Snow.  She was interested in buying it, but it was already sold.  Susie is a quilter and she asked me how I would feel about her taking the idea of White Dog and making her own version of it.  As you can probably imagine, I thought it a great compliment.

Last week Susie sent me this photo of her version of White Dog.  It was kind of exciting to see my words realized through Susie’s vision. I think she did a beautiful job.  I love that they can both be so different from each other and still convey the same message.  Now there’s two White Dogs in the Snow.

My "White Dog in the Snow"
My “White Dog in the Snow”


6 thoughts on “Susie’s White Dog

  1. I really like Susie’s version of White Dog in Snow. The colors look great and the branch with the small hanging pulled my attention. Your words set on those squares look so wise and reminds me of quotes that would be on Hay House website. Indeed quite a compliment to you.

  2. There is a hauntingly beautiful quality to your “White dog” Maria. That lovely white animal walking through that snow filled night-a poignant metaphor on so many levels. Susie’s version is a lovely work of art as well- a different feel. Your white dog makes me catch my breath.

  3. Each of you has chosen her own distinctive way of representing such meaningful words. There are aspects of each artful expression where my eye wants to linger. These works are beautiful and worthy of the praise they receive!

    I am blessed to have two sisters who are each extremely talented in her own way – and Susie is one of them.

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