Wandering Wondering…..

“Wandering Wondering who Sleeps my Dream”

It was Jane’s email to me that got me thinking that I want to loosen up.  And this is my first attempt at doing that.  Jane actually wanted to buy my practice pieces.  The ones I did when I first got my sewing  machine.  She saw the photo of one of them I posted and said it made her think  of the line drawings Picasso did later in his life.  I remember reading that Picasso said that to be a good artist you need to forget everything you’ve learned about making art.  He likened it to be a child.

At this point I have such a set way of making my streaming pieces, they’ve become boring to make.   So I tried to make this piece with the same head that I’d have if I were just practicing.  Trying to loosen up, get away from what has become a formula for me.  And in a way, I am still practicing.  I  haven’t quite gotten the feel for my new foot pedal and the speed of the sewing machine.  But sometimes, just by the nature of it, being a bit out of control, it forces me to loosen up.

I can almost track my “loosening up” progress in this piece.  I started with the table with the lamp on it and ended with the cat and hen walking along the edge of the right side.  The only words, Wandering Wondering who Sleeps my Dream, don’t even make sense to me.  But there they were so I let them be.  When I was done with the images in a light pink thread, I started with the blue.  I wasn’t sure how it would work, but as I started to fill in the spaces with squiggles of blue, I saw that it really made the images pop and I liked it.

So here it is, the first of its kind.  Now I’m psyched to try another……

Wandering Wondering who Sleeps my Dream is a wall hanging and is Sold. for sale.  End to end it’s 23″x24″ and is $95 + $10 shipping (in the US, shipping to Canada is $15).  If you’re interested in it, just email me here or at [email protected].

Detail of "Wandering...."
Detail of “Wandering….” before it was all done


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  1. Wonderful, Maria! Love the stitch definition…new machine really has made a difference…BRAVO!!

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