The Story of StraightPin

book 1This little book, came to me  from a friend, in a box with a bunch of old sewing notions.   I opened it up, expecting a story, and I got one.

book 2Once upon a time, there were two needles and a straight pin.

book 3They met two other Needles that they didn’t know very well and realized they were uneasy revealing themselves. StraightPin was especially uncomfortable being the only pin there.

book 4But the two Needles told StraightPin and her Needle friends, that it would just take time for them to get to know each other.  The two Needles invited them to a party where they revealed their other side. They all got to know each other better and even met some new Needles.  StraightPin continued to feel a little left out, being the only pin. But when she saw that one of the Needles they met was different from the rest she understood that it was ok for her to be different too.   She loved and trusted her Needle friends, new and old, who encouraged her to never give up on finding her pin-tribe.

book 5The End (and a hopeful one at that)

8 thoughts on “The Story of StraightPin

  1. Maria, you have totally outdone yourself with this! I am in love with this blog. I’m going to print it. 🙂

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