My Trip To Gee’s Bend

Mary Ann Pettway and China Pettway
Mary Ann Pettway and China Pettway Gee’s Bend Quilters

Next week at this time I’ll be in Gee’s Bend, Alabama.  I’ve been reading my Gee’s Bend Book and just found that on May 2nd there’s going to be a PBS show with Gee’s Bend Quilters Mary Ann Pettway and Lucy Mingo.  I’m going to be taking lessons from and staying with Mary Ann Pettway.

The weather looks good for my trip, about 84 degrees and sunny.  I found a bunch of videos on You Tube about the Gee’s Bend quilters.  Below is a short one of  Quilter Mary Lee Bendolph.

7 thoughts on “My Trip To Gee’s Bend

  1. Just ran across your post and saw that you will be visiting Wilcox County this weekend. I do hope you will find time to take the ferry across to Camden and visit us at Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center while you are here. Enjoy your visit – I know Miss Mary Ann will take great care of you.

    1. Thanks Kristin, I just read about Black Belt Treasures on line. I will try and make it there, I have a few days so It should be doable. Thanks

  2. this is SUCH a good idea to do this. have a wonderful time there — i’ll be watching for updates. (oh, who’s kidding here? i always watch for updates 8=}

  3. How awesome. Lots of history in Gee’s Bend as well as quilting. Looking forward to reading all about the trip.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity to allow yourself to spread your wings–excited to see how this trip will impact your upcoming work which is already beyond measure. Get ready for some soulful welcoming and darn good southern food.

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