Chantal and Sandy’s Vintage Hankie Scarf


Last week I wrote about Sandy, who owns a B&B in Canada and her mannequin friend Emily.  Emily was wearing the Vintage Hankie Scarf that Sandy bought from me.  When Chantal, one of Sandy’s customers saw the scarf on Emily (Emily is in the dining room of the B&B, a model for Sandy’s work she was  naked except for the scarf) she fell in love with it and having formed a fast friendship with Chantal, Sandy gave her the scarf.

So here’s Chantal wearing the scarf.  And I have to say, she wears it well!

5 thoughts on “Chantal and Sandy’s Vintage Hankie Scarf

  1. So beautiful! I love the colors in this scarf.

    Good luck on your trip to AL Hopefully the tornados will have all died down by then! It’s been a terrible week here in AR with killer storms that caused such devastation and tragic loss of life so close to home.

  2. Maria, indeed Chantal looks much better in your scarf than Emily, who resides now, unclothed and unadorned, in our dining room for B&B guests. The interesting thing about the scarf is the fact that the lower right scarf (red) belonged to my friend Susan’s mother (Susan lives in California and we met on the ‘chicken chat’ line when I had chickens and she still does). Susan’s mother has gone into a nursing home and Susan then rounded up her collection of handkerchiefs and sent them to you, as you’ve mentioned some time ago here. It’s interesting how the threads of connection happened, hankies from California made their way to Cambridge, New York, to Southern Ontario Canada to a mannequin who presides over our B&B dining room table and now the hankie has traveled once more, this time to Montreal, Quebec. Amazing when you think of it and all made possible by our connections through the internet.
    SandyP, just north of the city of Toronto, in the country.

    1. It’s so true Sandy. These scarves somehow keep connecting people to people from all over. I didn’t know that was the hankie you were talking about when you mentioned Susan in your email to me. It keeps going round and round.

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