New Bird Feeder Out My Window

bird feeder

I stopped feeding the birds last week, but decided to hang my “new” bird feeder up for the summer, just because I like looking at it from my studio window.  When Jon and I went to the dump a few weeks ago to get rid of our garbage, I saw this pink metal feeder on the table of free stuff and scooped it up like a hawk  on a mouse.

Not only is it that great faded pink that I love, but it’s metal, like one of those 1960’s doll houses that I had when I was a kid. The rugs and pictures on the walls printed right on the metal.  And all that plastic furniture that went in it, so out of proportion to each other.

So my little pink bird feeder will hang out my window for the summer.  I have no doubt it will get into my head and end up in one of my drawings or stitchings. Isn’t that finial on the top just the prettiest thing!


6 thoughts on “New Bird Feeder Out My Window

  1. Maria, ooh, don’t you just love a good scoop! And this is a terrific one. Lucky you! Can’t wait to see this transformed into another art form.

  2. Maria, I love that little bird house and why in the world I wonder was something getting rid of it at the dump. I love also the fact that there are treasures spread out on a table for others to cherish. I wonder if you’ll have any nests built in your birdfeeder for new spring babies.

    I do battle with racoons here in the country during the season. Niger seeds are not to a racoon’s tastes, so I leave that up on my feeding station and this year I’m going to try one cylindrical plastic feeder with larger seed openings and a tray upon which to sit and hope the racoons will not attack it. We have done battle for many years over my bird feeding station which is an old wooden wagon wheel on a post with a racoon baffle half way up the post. I’m never sure who is winning. Sandy P in Southern, Ontario, Canada

    1. Haven’t had any problems with other animals eating the bird seed (except Lenore of course, but she waits for it to fall on the ground). Our neighbors have a bear that comes around, but, luckily, she hasn’t shown up at our house.

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