Minnie Still Thinks She’s A Hen

Minnie and the hens eating an egg.
Minnie and the hens sharing an egg.

It was one of those warm and sunny spring days that makes me find excuses to be outside.   At one point we broke a couple of raw eggs on the ground for the chickens to enjoy. (I used to think it was really weird that chickens ate eggs, but now I know chickens are really weird and do things like eat eggs).  Jon and I watched as Minnie made her way from the barn when she heard me clucking (I always make a clucking sound when I feed the chickens. I don’t think it was a conscious thing at first, like speaking in a high nonsense voice to a baby, and maybe all hens respond to humans doing bad imitations of clucking hens, but now when ever I cluck now, the hens come running)  and saw the eggs crack.

It was sweet to see the three of them eating together and to realize that,  Minnie still thinks she a hen.

7 thoughts on “Minnie Still Thinks She’s A Hen

  1. Maria, I feel like a kid everytime I open your Blog….rather like the childhood thrill of the prize in a Cracker Jax Box. Always made me smile !

  2. So glad to see Minnie resuming some of her favorite outdoor activities (such as hanging out with her feathered friends)now that the weather is finally warming up!

    Kathleen : )

  3. An absolutely ADORABLE photo!! Annie p.s. Bet a calendar company would take it for one of their farm calendars!

  4. I can’t wait to read your writings about Gees Bend. I have often heard of this area & the quilts. I knew a Storyteller – Kathryn Tucker Windham from Selma, AL who told wonderful stories about the quilters of Gees Bend. I greatly enjoy Jon’s blog & don’t see a place to comment there. His letter from Heather Leavitt in NC really made an impact on me, & I am going to write her. Thanks to you & Jon for sharing your lives, thoughts & art with us. Keep it going! Mary Ann

  5. That is a fantastic photo! And it’s nice to see Minnie being her silly old self again. I still think there is a children’s book there …. 🙂

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