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Tacking Peaceable Bedlam Quilt
Tacking Peaceable Bedlam Quilt

I have to admit I haven’t spent much time in the studio this week.  Part of it is that we spent Monday in Connecticut, part of it is spending time organizing and selling the Bedlam Farm Wool and part of it is that my head is very much into my trip to Gee’s Bend.

I spoke to Mary Ann, the woman I’m staying with, yesterday and there was a little confusion about which days I would be there.  But we figured it out and after talking to Mary Ann, (“I’ll make you breakfast too.” she said)  most of the nervousness I was feeling is gone.

Of course I’ll be blogging from Gee’s Bend and I’ll also take my sketch pad and use  instagram to post pictures directly onto facebook.  And I’ll be quilting, of course.  I’m bringing some old faded drapes that someone sent to me and I’ll also use fabric that Mary Ann has.    I do see the trip as a pilgrimage.  Not really knowing what to expect, just allowing myself to take it all in and put it all back out through my sewing, drawing and writing.  And I know exactly how I feel about it, because when I thought for a moment that I might not be able to stay with Mary Ann, I was determined to go anyway.  What ever obstacles I thought, I’ll work it out.

One of the things I’ll be doing is taking the historic ferry ride across the Alabama River to Camden and visiting the Black Belt Treasures Cultural Arts Center.  Kristen from the center left a comment on my blog saying that she came across my post, and invited me to visit the Art Center .  “Enjoy your visit” she wrote, ” I know Miss Mary Ann will take great care of you.”

But in between it all, I did manage to get some work done in my studio.  The perfect kind of work for the place my head is in.  I put the backing and batting on Susan’s Peaceable Bedlam Quilt and started tacking it today.  I’m planning on finishing  and getting a few other small jobs done before leaving.  I like the idea of coming home to a studio ready for new ideas.

The back of Peaceable Bedlam, half tacked.
The back of Peaceable Bedlam, more than half tacked.

9 thoughts on “Studio Time

  1. One time, probably 2 years ago, I sent you old drape fabric. Kind of an Americana print. When you mentioned taking old drape fabric, I remembered sending you some and thought maybe it was mine. Have a wonderful, wonderful time Maria. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Jon on the 16th when I come up for Jeff’s photo workshop.

    1. This is something I just received Debbie, but can’t remember off hand who sent it to me. Looking forward to seeing you too.

  2. So excited for you — I know you will have a great time and come back inspired and inspire all of us, your fans — we’ll be thinking of you!! :)

  3. I know this wasn’t the point of this post, but I have to ask. What is tacking? Is this a step to hold everything in place during quilting? Or is this another name for doing a tie quilt?

  4. Peaceable Bedlam is a beautiful quilt, Maria! A wonderful project to complete before heading to Gees Bend, as it is very reminiscent of their work. I am so excited and happy that you have the opportunity to share a few days with these remarkable women and I am looking forward to your reflections of the time spent with them. You will be filled with even more ideas upon your return home and I think your new machine will be humming as will be your mind!
    bon voyage,
    Susan M

  5. This quilt is so beautiful, and I love your theme,peaceable Bedlam, that is pieced into it.
    Thank you for taking us all along, on your trip to Gee’s Bend. This is so exciting!

  6. My first view of the quilt and I absolutely love it!!! It is perfect in every way! There aren’t enough superlatives to tell you how I feel about it and about you!

    1. I’m Susan, thank you for letting me know. I’ve been meaning to email you a photo, then the lambs came and I haven’t had a chance to even check my email.

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