Liam the Lamb

lamb laying downIt was worth the wait.  What a delight it is to come home to a new born lamb in the barnyard.  And to see what a good mom Suzy is.  The lamb is a male and we’ve decided to name him Liam.

When we talked about having lambs we planned on only keeping a few and sending the rest back with Daryl, the farmer who lent us Ted the ram.  I thought we would give him the boys, that’s  what’s generally done.  And I was fine with that.  It’s what you do.  Oh but now, seeing this little lamb, can I really give him to Daryl who will take him to market.  I think I’m finding out that I’m not much of a farmer.

14 thoughts on “Liam the Lamb

  1. There are only so many mouths you can feed on the property, Maria, including yours and Jon’s but truly, your flock is not big. Not yet. Keep Liam and your other lambs. They will be the start of a small flock and that means more wool,more fun for Red. After all, he does need a job. And you can’t give those babies away.
    Safe journey next week,
    SandyP, in Canada

  2. i wouldn’t be much of a farmer, either. my brother and nephews laugh at me because i tend to think of animals living in the wild as being “homeless.”

  3. I couldn’t do it either Maria. And he’s smiling ~ so very sweet. I am not much of a farmer either. Too tenderhearted.

  4. Sweet innocence. I would never make a farmer either….you can tip me over easier than a cow. Happy lamb-ness!

  5. so, cant you keep him to grow up and make more lambs? do some swaps with Jenna so you have a diverse bio group. Its why I don’t do fostering, I wouldn’t give back a single one! So cute! Glad he came before you head to Gee’s Bend! Have a wonderful trip, am looking forward to hearing your take on the whole thing.

  6. Maria, tell Jon you need to keep this lamb. This is your first lamb at the new Bedlam Farm and named after a fine and decent man. Yep, I think he should stay with you. He has the most precious face.

  7. Congratulations! What a little beauty. I would not be able to give him up either. Let’s hope all the other little lambs are girls!!

    Have a great trip to Gee’s Bend.


  8. No way would I send that little cutie to market. I wouldn’t make a good farmer, either! The other little male is soooo cute, the black sheep of the family! LOL

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