Suzy’s Little Lamb


Suzy and her lamb
Suzy and her lamb

“There’s a lamb” Jon said as we got out of the car.  There it was right in front of us, on the side of the barn.  Suzy was already cleaning him off, bonding. We watched as the lamb tried to find a teat and Suzy continued to lick  and nuzzle him.   The other sheep kept their distance, except for Kim who came over to sniff him.  Then the donkeys started coming around.  We kept the donkeys away and decided it was time to move Suzy and the lamb to go in the barn.

I pick the lamb up, he was still wet, and held him in front of Suzy as I walked backwards into the barn, letting Suzy sniff him and keep up with us.  And she did,  but Kim also tried to follow him.  Jon had to block her from coming in the barn.  I can only imagine she thought it was her lamb.

Suzy is a good mother.  She’s calm, even more calm then she was before she had a lamb and continued to clean him and nurse him.  She let me pick him up so Jon could give him a vitamin shot and cut the umbilical cord.  The lamb looks big and healthy.  And really cute.   Guess the sheep are pregnant after all.

11 thoughts on “Suzy’s Little Lamb

  1. Guess ewes are something like th proverbial watched pot. Leave for a little while and – BINGO! – lambs appear! Glad this was a safe and easy birth. Liam looks like a healthy ram and Suzy is doing all the right mother things. Maybe Zelda will decide to go next…

  2. Oh, Maria, I am so happy for you! I was hoping there would be a lamb, before you left for Alabama.
    He is so beautiful,and I love the name you have chosen for him. Enjoy all of your special moments with your little boy. Way to go Suzy!!

  3. He’s so cute and adorable. You must be so excited. What a joy to have this baby.

  4. Oh My Sweet Lord! He’s a doll! She’s a love of a Mother! Maybe Liam will stay. Congrats to all of you! I feel the same way about Kim.

  5. A wonderful beginning to my day after a poor night (poor heath and old age) to remind me that life goes on and Spring is here. I know now why lambs have been such a symbol of both, down through the centuries.

    My thanks to you and Jon for taking the time to tell us and show us, sharing your life.

  6. He’s adorable. Just an example of why I’d never be able to support myself as a farmer. There would be an exponential expansion of my flocks:-)

  7. I was away for the weekend…..and what a wonderful surprise to come home and read about! Precious and beautiful, both of them and their good Moms. The names are great too. Enjoy! And have a safe trip.

    Kathy P.

    ps Both yours and Jon’s pictures of them are beautiful:)

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