I Slept Under A Gee’s Bend Quilt Last Night


It didn’t really hit me until I got under the covers.  I was sleeping under a Gee’s Bend quilt.  I had never even seen a Gee’s Bend quilt in person until coming to Alabama yesterday and now I was covering myself with one.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, couldn’t stop touching it.   I read about and have been looking at quilts made by Mary Ann’s Aunt Queenie, who made this quilt, in my Gee’s Bend Book for years.   Sleeping under a Gee’s Bend quilt is like sleeping under one of Matisse’s  painting.

8 thoughts on “I Slept Under A Gee’s Bend Quilt Last Night

  1. Maria-
    After seeing them on exhibit I totally agree with you. Matisse being one of all time favorites:-) Have a wonderful time in Alabama. It will be wonderful to continue following the blog to hear about your time there and then, later, to see how the experience comes out in your wonderfully creative art.

  2. Oh Maria, this is such wonderful news!
    So happy you are enjoying this creative journey.
    Sounds as though all of your senses are being filled with joy. Enjoy all the special moments….

  3. Marie, as I looked at the photo and read your words, I had the sensation that you are both literally and figuratively enfolded in the Gee’s Bend quilt sisterhood. What a time of restoration and connection.

  4. That’s beautiful, Maria! That’s how we all feel about being near to your creations – I have four, count four of your creations in my house. How lucky am I! And I’m so happy for you that your soul is singing and your heart is happy.

  5. Maria,
    I am so happy for you! A dream come true, now we can all believe in our dreams, thanks to you. Tess

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