Coming Home to a Different Bedlam Farm


Liam, Ma, Zelda and Suzy
Liam, Ma, Zelda and Suzy this morning

I got a real sense of how things had changed at home when I was sitting in the Montgomery Airport yesterday looking at a picture of the sheep and lambs in the pasture on Jon’s blog.  I left for Gee’s Bend before the lambs were out of the barn.  Now they’re roaming the pasture as if they’d always been there.  But it was not something I had seen before.  I came home to a different Bedlam Farm.

I loved being in Alabama, but missed being home especially when so much was happening.  The wonderful part about it was seeing how many friends were there to help Jon when he needed it.  These friends and the trust we share is new for both of us.

We’re leaving for New York City on Sunday and I’m hoping that both Ma and Zelda have their lambs by them.  Ma is doing much better, she’s grazing and not limping as much.  The vet gave her another shot to induce labor this morning.  Hopefully that will work.  And Zelda was laying down this afternoon and didn’t get up when I went to her.  That’s unusual behavior for her.

It feels like I was gone much longer than I actually was.  So much happened while I was away and Gee’s Bend is  a different world  in many ways.  A part of me is still there.  But that’s fading as the sheep need our attention and I have  wool and potholders to get in the mail before we leave on Sunday.

For now our priority is the sheep. We’ll keep and eye on them and wait.  And hope those lambs come soon.


3 thoughts on “Coming Home to a Different Bedlam Farm

  1. So happy that you are home, but glad you had a wonderful time in Alabama. Your time in Gee’s Bend sounds so lovely.

  2. I’m so glad you had a chance to go to Gees Bend Maria. It was important for you. And I’m equally as glad to know you are back home where your life is. So good to hear that Ma is better, I hope the lambs come soon. And that Zelda’s delivery will be uneventful!

  3. Dear Maria, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL ENTRIES ABOUT GEE’S BEND!! I loved reading them all!! And I am so glad that that Ma is doing well and so are all the lambs. Annie

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