Happy Lambs

Come visit Ma's lambs at the Bedlam Farm Open House
Jake and Deb

“Thank You Jon Katz”, I said giving him a big kiss, the smoking tail docker still in his hand.  Oh I was dreading it, reaffirming that I was done with lambing, as I held Deb so Jon could dock her tail.  We even talked about not doing it, just letting them keep their long tails, but we knew that was only asking for trouble in the future.  Better to do it now, while it’s easy and less painful.

And easy it was.  Jon did such a good job, there was hardly any blood.  And just a peep or two from the lambs.  They were nursing happily the moment I  placed them back on the ground.

Next week the Vet will come to band Jake’s testicles then we’ll just have to watch them be lambs, hopping around and growing up.

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