Socks and Pumpkin with
Socks and Pumpkin (with Jake in the back ground)

I’ve gotten a few questions about how Socks’ lamb Pumpkin is doing.  Seems he doesn’t get as much blog time as the other lambs.  Mostly it’s because he’s an easy lamb, not getting into trouble like Liam and not newly born like Deb and Jake.  But it’s also because the white lambs are easier to photograph.  Taking a picture of Pumpkin is like taking a picture of a black lab,except he usually won’t stand still to have his picture taken.

But he was very good about it this afternoon when I got this shot of him in the pole barn.  And Pumpkin, well, he’s a pumpkin (as my friend Athena would lovingly say).  Socks doesn’t hover around him the way Suzy does Liam, so I’ll often see him by himself.  He and Liam have a good time hopping around the pasture and wrestling with each other.  He has a sweet disposition, although since we banded him he’s won’t let me get too close anymore.

So Pumpkin is doing well and we plan on keeping him along with all the other lambs.  Once Ted goes back to his farm in Vermont, we’ll have a total of eight sheep.   A good number for Red to herd and more wool in the fall.

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin

  1. I was so happy to see your post on Pumpkin. I, too, had wondered how he was. Am so happy you are keeping all the lambs. What a wonderful time you will have seeing them grow up. Thanks for posting.


  2. It is a good number. How exciting to have the lamb fleeces, come fall shearing. I love the darker colors, Pumpkin is well named and darling.

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