A New Kind of Quilt

One of the pieces of my new quilt
One of the pieces of my new quilt

Some of those Potholders I started working on last night are no longer potholders.  I started adding fabric to them that had women in them and they took on a whole new meaning.  I felt like I wanted to do more with them.  So I decided to make them into a quilt.  Today I started adding to them, working on each piece separately not paying attention to how they will fit together.  It’s a completely new way for me to make a quilt.

I’m using some linens and doilies in the pieces too.  I have seven pieces so far.  Her they are:

quilt 1

quilt 2quilt 4quilt 5

quilt 6quilt 7

18 thoughts on “A New Kind of Quilt

  1. i love these pieces- especially the linens & doillies. I have some of this type from my Grandmother, & this is a wonderful to save them yet have them useful & seen. You are a wonderful, inspiring artist! Thanks for sharing. Mary Ann

  2. Maria,
    These are just wonderful…..your trip to Gee’s Bend has opened new doors and windows into your creativity. How lovely for all of us.


  3. These are quite wonderful!!! You have really grown as an artist.
    Well, that is my very amateur opinion. I have so enjoyed watching your journey and know that
    it is only beginning.

  4. Oh my Maria. Those are just beautiful. I always wanted to learn how to sew. My mother was a cruel woman who tried to teach my sister and I, but she was so nasty that neither one of us wanted to learn after that. My sister wouldn’t even sew on a button she hated it so much. I am 63 now and am probably too old to learn. But I can enjoy your work. Thank you.

    1. Oh no Patsy, never too old to learn. I suggest you get a some fabric and just start sewing it together. If you want I’ll send you a bag of scraps, then you can just “play” the best way to learn. You don’t need someone to tell you how to do it. Let me know about the bag of scraps, I’d be happy to send them to you.

  5. Wow! That looks like it’s shaping up to be a remarkable quilt.
    I’ve really enjoyed following your artist’s journey to Gees Bend.
    It’s fun to see you integrating the influences of Gees Bend but also putting
    Your own unique style and choice of vintage textiles into the piece.

  6. Love the “Asian Section” that juxtaposes the cranes and bamboo pieces with the hi-tech lady with the apron and the French-looking rustic boy in green (that last may actually be a piece from some fabric I brought you – or something similar)…Anyway, I really like it! Intentional or inadvertent pairing of material that creates wry comedy? The Asian designs with the retro “high-tech lady” reminds me of social commentary ‘way back when about Japan being so advanced compared to America.

    1. Wow Susan, I love your interpretation, I don’t think that’s what I was thinking when I made it, but then I don’t think I was thinking when I made it, not in that way. Who knows where it all comes from.

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