This Quilt Has Me Hooked

new quiltThis quilt has it’s hooks in me.  I even got up early on Saturday to work on it a bit.  I treasure my weekend off and rarely got into the studio to work.  I haven’t looked at my email in two days and I don’t even want to stop to blog. (even though I am)   Potholders and scarves that I got back from Kim are sitting in piles in my studio waiting for me to send them out to my Kickstarter backers.

So now, back to my quilt, I think this configuration works.  Now to connect the dots.

4 thoughts on “This Quilt Has Me Hooked

  1. Simply gorgeous. Isn’t it wonderful when you get so involved in creating something you can’t put it down because it keeps drawing you back. I love that. I often lose track of time when I’m in my studio quilting. I look up and wonder where the hours of gone. The work you have posted since going to Gee’s Bend looks freer and happier – like you’ve been set free to fly.

  2. I keep getting drawn back to arrangement number one. I like those strong verticals in the middle.

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