Which One?

First design
First design
Second Design
Second Design
Third design
Third design

I’m leaning towards the third design, but I’ll give it some space and then decide.  This is what happened.  I laid out all the parts I wanted to put into the quilt then instead of trying to just fill  the spaces between, I took each piece and added onto it something that worked with the piece without thinking about how it would look with the piece next to it or as a whole.

I did this until I had three strips of quilt and three left over pieces that I would to add to the top of the quilt.  The first photo shows  how I intended to sew the three pieces together.  When it was laid out I liked the way it looked without the three extra pieces.  It seemed complete the way it was.  So I decided to use the three other pieces for something else and put them aside.

Then I remembered how Mary Ann Pettway would move her blocks around even if she thought she knew where she wanted them to be.  So I thought I’d try moving the there strips of quilt around.  If I’m trying to be more spontaneous, than stepping away from my original plan is a good way to do it.

I narrowed it down to these three choices.  There’s something about the third design I like, but as I said, I’m going to give it some space and then decide.

27 thoughts on “Which One?

  1. I also like the third design. The vertical peach/pink strip in the first two stops the eye from moving across and around the whole design.

  2. Funny, if I had to choose, I’d pick the second one. Something about it speaks to me. makes me feel confident. Anyway you look at it, though, it’s going to be beautiful!

  3. I like the 3rd option, too. I love how my eyes move over it. It will be a pleasure to look at and use. :))

  4. With a heading of “Which one?” I looked at the three options before reading your commentary. The first two are good, but when my eyes saw the third one, that’s the one I liked the best–I think it was the two longish pieces on either side that sort of framed it and made it look complete to me. Nice work.

  5. I also like the second design — something about the right hand border in the third one that throws me off a bit. But all three are beautiful, and it’s going to be a wonderful quilt. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  6. Three very different quilts Maria. I know you will ultimately decide, but to me the third one is most pleasing to the eye. It looks smooth and flows so well and almost a calming effect. The other 2 are good, but to my eye a little off kilter and don’t fit as well as the 3rd. I’ll be anxious to see which one! I love these new directions you are taking!

  7. The first two designs left me with an unsettled feeling, hard to explain.
    With the third design, I breathed a sigh of relief. #3 for me, but all

  8. Hmm…………….any of the 3 would be wonderful but I actually like the first one the best. It seems more *full* to me…….. LOL, someone has to have the differing opinion!!!!!
    hugs from Calif

  9. Add one more vote for the third design, but do whatever feels right to YOU. I really like the way this is going, whichever design you choose. (My bet is on design #4, which hasn’t happened yet).

  10. I don’t care for the 3rd one because the light colored strip seems to glare at me from the right. I do see the path through that piece, though. My eye settled on #2. But needless to say, they all look great. Lots of work.

  11. The 3rd. It just seems the most balanced to me. It’s calm. The others makes the eye move to much

  12. Second or first would be my choice. I absolutely love the long peachy patterned strip going through the design instead of finishing (or starting it) as it does in the third. That strip gives the design two lives and makes one take a breath before the eye moves on.

  13. Hi Maria,
    I really cannot decide between #2 and #3, I like them both.
    I think I also spy with my little eye, some of my Mom’s doily
    thingees. So great to see them going out into the world and not
    the landfill!

    1. I think they were from you Gail, they were in a small plastic bag a few of the same together. I’m glad they’re not in the landfill too.

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