Warrior Woman on Pink Horse

Warrior Woman on Pink Horse
Warrior Woman on Pink Horse

By now I have a gzillion white linens that people have sent me.  I can’t seem to say no to them, even though I’m not sure how I’ll ever use them all.  But, when there are so many, they become less precious and with that comes a certain amount of freedom.  Freedom to take chances, freedom to make mistakes.

I guess because I used some of them in the quilt I’m making, they were on my mind (and maybe also because they are strewn throughout the house and my studio,  they really are everywhere I look).  So this morning I picked up one of the plain white linen napkins and pulled a black marker from the can next to my desk and started to draw.  A small table, a donkey, a window, a girl, a tree.  In my can was also a pink and yellow highlighter marker, so I started to color the hearts and moon and the girls dress.  Then I did another drawing.  Then I did a My Brain is Bad on a linen napkin.  I like the juxtaposition between the Bad Brain and the elegant white linen.

And then… In my mind, I saw a warrior woman on the back of a horse.  I rummaged through one of my many boxes of embroidered and plain white linens and chose this really big oval one with blue and orange embroidered flowers around the edges.  All that white space in the middle cried out to be filled.  First I folded it in half thinking it was just too big, but I couldn’t imagine the image fitting into the smaller space.  So I opened it up and started drawing.  When the black lines were done, I went in the house and got the rest of my colored highlighters and gave her and the horse some color.

Lightening bolts and sparks flying from her fingertips, of course her horse is pink.  The moon and stars came last, witness’ to her power.

I think the marker works perfectly with the embroidered linen.  Mediums from two different times. Moving back and forth between the past and present, the immediacy of the drawing compared to the labor intensive hand work on the linen.

I think I’m on to something new here.

Detail of Warrior Woman On Pink Horse
Close up  of Warrior Woman On Pink Horse

15 thoughts on “Warrior Woman on Pink Horse

  1. Love this! A couple of years ago, I was doing some consulting for an equine organization that taught children and adults with physical anmd emotional disabilities how to ride horses and how to vault. One day, the Executive Director asked me if I would like to learn how to vault. I thought she was insane, but within the hour I found myself standing atop Stella’s back (the horse, that is), no saddle, my arms outstretched as she slowly walked, then sped up into a trot around the ring. I remember wishing at the time that I had sparks shooting out of my fingertips – I felt invinceable (and perhaps slightly insane)…

  2. I was thinking some of the plain white linens might make a nice backing. Example: for a potholder, napkin backing. Or, sewn together to make the right size, white tablecloths as backing for a quilt. Also, I am thinking of trying curtains made from vintage tablecloths again, but lining them with white tablecloth cuttings to prevent the sun from fading them. I have saved the faded curtains because they are pretty, if irregular, and hope to make something of them when I have time. I like your drawings. They have energy.

  3. So neat. Anytime you want to “destash” my daughter uses vintage linens–embroidered or as above for over-skirts for her little girl dresses, out in CA. I would pay postage. You are so clever.

  4. Maria, the thing that resonates the most for me is your statement :Freedom to take chances. Freedom to make mistakes. In my artwork I was always afraid to make mistakes and thought each piece had to be the perfect masterpiece. It held me back for many years and still does but I’m trying to get past that – learning to play again and “just do it”. Learning that whatever I create will be beautiful even if it doesn’t work out according to plan. Life and art are chock full of “happy accidents”! But I also LOVE the whole theme of the Warrior Woman on the horse. I always had a secret desire to be a Xena, Warrior Princess :):) even as a young girl before Xena ever hit the TV screens :):)

    1. She’s a powerful woman that “Xena”. I think we all have a piece of her in us Pat. Keep “playing and having those Happy Accidents”

  5. You know, I keep thinking that christening blankets made from vintage pieces could be incredibly gorgeous. Maybe it’s been done? I have no idea.

  6. Out of all your beautiful pieces of art,this one really grabbed my attention. I guess maybe cause it’s quirky,whimsical and with dash of magic. As Tess said,I can’t wait to see what’s next. : )

  7. Maria, I love it. When I think of strength, this is what I see. Great drawing, can’t wait to see more.

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