Dahlia Garden

Dahlia Bulb
Dahlia Bulb

Even though we had a  Dahlia Garden last year, I still have a hard time believing that this very strange looking and I’d say, even ugly bulb, can produce such beauty.  For me,  it’s truly an act of faith to spend an afternoon preparing a new Dahlia bed, as I did today, and trust that the flowers will grow.  Maybe after I’ve done it a number of years, I’ll feel differently.  Maybe I’ll even start to take for granted that the flowers will grow.  But I’m not there yet.  And don’t think I’ll actually believe it will happen until I see those flowers growing in our Dahlia Garden.

8 thoughts on “Dahlia Garden

  1. It’s definitely hard to believe there is life there. Gardening takes faith. You put in a had days work today. I’m giggling at Jon’s post. As I’m am older than he is I’ve found it amusing to see how his view on aging has changed. Glad that some wisdom is coming with age:-)

  2. I hope you have lots of luck with your Dahlia Garden. I also planted my Dahlia Tubers yesterday. As it was, I thought I was all done potting my Dahlias, I found another bucket full of them in the basement which I could plant directly into the soil. Can’t wait to see pictures.

  3. My dad has been digging up dahlias and putting them in the basement every winter for years. He has bulbs from my grandfather’s plants, so they’ve been in the family 60 years or more. They’re so worth the work. 🙂

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