Flying Woman

flying woman

I’ve learned not to question the images that come to me, whether in dreams, or waking.  So last night as I was falling asleep and I saw a flying woman and another woman standing on the ground reaching out to her with something in her hands the shape of a divining rod, I got up an drew a quick picture so I would remember it.

In the image the flying woman had her elbow bent and her hands pointing up.  It didn’t make any sense to me then, and I still can’t figure it out.  But I don’t think I have to know what it means.  It may come to me eventually, or someone else may see what I don’t.

This is as far as I got with it today.  I hope to finish it tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Flying Woman

  1. Whatever it is, it’s absolutely great!And I love the picture of Simon out your window:)I’m happy he’s behaving his little self!

    Kathy P.

  2. Maria, I just love how the animals are looking up….wonderful ! It works !! It’s Lovely !!!

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