Divining The Divine

Divining the Divine
Divining the Divine

So you know how it is when you have a dream and you have no idea what it means but you tell it to someone else, and they can see it so clearly, the meaning becomes obvious after they explain it to you. The image on my new wall hanging wasn’t exactly a dream, it was something I saw in between waking and sleeping.  So I’m not sure what you’d call it, but when Cheryl commented on my blog simply:   “Divining the Divine” it had the same effect on me.  Suddenly the meaning of the image was obvious.

I had been thinking about the idea of the Divine Feminine before going to bed that night.  And that shape of the diving rod has been a recurring one for me since I had Cranial Sacral therapy. (It was a shape I keep seeing during the session and found a deer bone that is close to it which I keep in my studio).  But I can see now that seeking the Divine or higher self (as Sandra wrote in a comment) is just what is happening here.

And this isn’t exactly what I saw in my mind that night.  That image was in constant motion, the colors changing and vibrating.  The girl on the ground was rooted in the earth (I added the animals to convey the feeling of being grounded) and the flying woman was in the heavens (like a William Blake image) her arms bent at the elbow and hands up, like antennas. This is my best interpretation of that image using fabric and thread.

Since I met Chief Arvol Looking Horse in New York with Jon a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about what he said about the importance of dreams and visions to his culture.  He said they were taken as seriously as what happens in waking life.   I often use my dreams in my work or the images and words that come to me when I’m awake.  But I like the idea of taping into them more.  Inviting me to remember my dreams, taking them more seriously.  So now I’m consciously thinking about remembering my dreams before I go to sleep.  I’ve heard the more you pay attention to them, the more you remember them.   So I’m going to get more serious about my dreams and the things I see in my mind in my waking life. Maybe even write them down all in one place (instead of  on the scraps of paper that float around the house and studio)   And I’m going to try and trust them, no matter how odd they may seem at first.

Divining The Divine is  Sold for sale.  It measures 24″x 35″ and is $125 + shipping. I take checks and paypal.  If you’re interested in it you can email me here  or at [email protected].

divining the divine flying


9 thoughts on “Divining The Divine

  1. Hypnogogia is the name of the space between wake and sleep. I love this piece – there is a sense of innocence to it. Shoshin – beginner’s mind.

  2. Mystical and beautiful, definitely spiritual. These pieces are getting more and more intrigueing (sp?) all the time!

  3. When I was learning tai chi, our teacher told us that our feet are rooted to the ground, which is the source of energy that flows into all parts of our being. So a very good reason that the girl on the ground is rooted in the earth.

  4. Really like this piece, Maria. There is something very William Blake about it…the floating woman is intriguing…

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