Zombie Hen Visits Bedlam Farm

Zombie Hen and Simon
Zombie Hen and Simon SOLD

I was thinking about Zombie Hen and what she might do if she got out of the coop and started visiting the animals on the farm.  I thought she’d probably hop on Simon’s back….

Zombie Hen and the Chickens
Zombie Hen and the Chickens Sold

….Then try to find a kindred spirit in the chickens, who would of course run for their lives….

Zombie Hen and Minnie
Zombie Hen and Minnie SOLD

…Minnie would try to make friends with Zombie Hen….

Zelda and Zombie Hen
Zelda and Zombie Hen SOLD

But ultimately, with one mean look,  Zelda would come and chase Zombie Hen off Bedlam farm.

These Zombie Hen Visits Bedlam Farm Potholders (well, they’re not exactly potholders yet, but they will be soonare SOLD for sale.  They are $20 each + $5 shipping.  If you have a thing for Zombies and might want one, just let me know here or at [email protected].

13 thoughts on “Zombie Hen Visits Bedlam Farm

  1. omg you have outdone yourself….these are so fun. Just brilliant Maria !
    can’t stop smiling 🙂

  2. I love Zombie hen! These are priceless. Love the confrontation with Zelda, and riding on Simon’s back. They make me smile!

  3. This series of just 4 scenes told such a great story — just full of the joy of zombiness! I laughed and especially loved the conclusion with Zelda giving out her protective evil eye!

  4. I think you have invented a new art form: fiber art comics. I look forward to the further adventures of Zombie Chicken, and I don’t even like Zombies!

  5. I am 66, and remember actual Zombie Hens. My grandfather and aunts and uncles lived on farms in Arkansas. The chickens ran free during the daytime. My cousins and I would get quite nasty feet from running around barefoot where the chickens had been. And I have seen the chickens running around after their necks had been wrung.

    1. Oh Lila! That is a Zombie Hen for sure! I wish you could see the expression on my face right now. That’s the real thing, mine are Disney compared to that!

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