Blinded by Belief

"Blinded by Belief"
“Blinded by Belief”

This is the second in my series of the blindfolded Baroque women.   The white linen is from an obviously much loved, stained and repaired tablecloth.  I sewed the doilie on beneath the repair.  The repair reminds me of a Blind Arch that you see in some  Medieval architecture.   An arch that is filled in, it leads nowhere.    I used buttons again this time repeating the circle of the doilie.  I don’t really have much more to say about this piece, I think it speaks for itself.

I was going to save this to sell at the Open House in a couple of weeks, but I already have almost 50 potholders made and five other artists whose work needs to hang on the walls of my School House Gallery.  So, if “Blinded by Belief” speaks to you and you would like it, just let me know.  It’s $125 + $15 shipping.  You can email me here or at [email protected].

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