Who’s that scratching at my door…

frieda looking in my window

Usually when Frieda’s in the yard and wants to come in my studio, she gives one long scratch of her nails to the door.  Yesterday I tried to ignore her when I was blogging, not wanting to interrupt my work.  But then…well you know what she did next.  I couldn’t ignore that look.

4 thoughts on “Who’s that scratching at my door…

  1. Oh I know that stare well….an yes it works everytime on me ! Too sweet.
    Once inside mine will nose my arm off the mousepad. So smart ! Thanks for sharing that precious photo ! 🙂

  2. My German shepherd, Ellie, always did the same thing! If I could ignore her one long scratch, her “hang dog” look at the window got me up to open the door. I had her for 12 blessed years. Annie

  3. Dear precious Frieda. Thank you Maria for providing a good home for her. She deserves it.

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