Imagining the Future

Moon Goddess
Moon Goddess

Jon gave me a Moon Goddess Necklace (among other things) for our Anniversary.  She already made her way into this drawing I did while we were away and I have an idea for putting her in one of my wall hangings.  Although I’m sure she show up more than once.

As I was washing the dishes, the sheep came to graze in the pasture.  I had to keep counting them.  How many white sheep and lambs do we have, I asked Jon.  It seemed we had one more sheep and one less  lamb.  Obviously what I thought was a full grown sheep was Liam.  Could he have grown so much in three days?  Well, he’s not quite as big as his mother Suzy, but close to Kim’s size.   From a distance it’s hard to tell them apart.

I have one more wall hanging I want to make then, I’m going to be  getting ready for the Open House next weekend.  As Jon mentioned on his blog, we started talking about the ideas of rebirth and renewal while we were away.  We both feel we want to focus more on our creative lives.  So instead of just going along the way we’ve been going, we want to look at what we want to change and what we really want from our lives.  It will be a process.  But this is just what I meant when I wrote the words, “Blinded by her beliefs, she opened her heart and saw the truth”  in my last wall hanging.  Not to just accept what I have come to know and believe must be the way to live my life, but to open myself up to possibility and make a conscious decision about what I want at this point in my life.

Life on the farm is teaching me to see change, not constancy as a creative force.  Lambing has taught me that I’m not a farmer and reaffirmed my dedication to being an artist and living my version of  a creative life.  We’re not sure exactly where this will go yet, but it’s exciting to think about it and imagine the future.

12 thoughts on “Imagining the Future

  1. The full “Honey Moon” tonight will be especially large since the moon tonight is as close to us as it ever gets.

    1. I like Strawberry moon too Lila. But it was a dark night here last night. Been raining and cloudy for days. Powerful anyway as Tess Suggested.

  2. Powerful thoughts Maria. You are an artist at heart. Your vision quest started at the old Bedlam farm and took you to Gee’s Bend… the essence of your creativity. Today is the last full moon on a Friday the 13th until 2049. Full moon = completion. Powerful day! Tess

  3. “Change is the only constant in life.”~ Heraclitus

    I so admire that you both can embrace what makes you whole and happy. And, of course, selfishly, the result of your work adorns many homes and book shelves around the world. How cool is that?? Onward!

  4. Hey Maria,

    Glad you are back, and hope you had a wonderful time. As a therapist, I think that your ideas are so stable and sensible. I like very much, learning about your thoughts regarding animals and life and how change effects us. I was so sorry to read about your little lamb’s passing. I (happily) envy most of your life as it allows me to be a vicarious farmer and agree with you how change can be a creative force. That is one of the things that people in therapy have a difficult time with. But that is neither here nor there. We all must deal with it and sometimes it can be so sad……

    Kathy P.

  5. What a great anniversary – going somewhere you both enjoy, meeting new people (and dogs), staying at favorite places, and, most important, discussing possibilities for the future…

  6. Love this post, MW!! Your package and note arrived yesterday. Thank you for your prompt service!

    I will find a wonderful place to hang it here in the Airstream and send you a shot; I love it (the back is perfect, too)! Have a beautiful day!

    PS Love the horse sticker :))

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