Getting Ready For the Bedlam Farm Open House

studioThis is what my studio looks like right now.  Not so bad, it’s been worse.  But I won’t be  creating for the rest of the week.  I’ve officially begun preparing for the Open House this weekend.

I just spoke to Mary Kellogg on the phone (Mary doesn’t do email), she’ll be reading her poetry on Saturday and Sunday around 2pm.  I got my new  credit card Square for my iphone and made sure that works (0nly about a half hour of trouble with that one).  I sent out the orders I’ve received for my Everyday Goddess Notecards so far and now am going to start tackling my studio. Transforming it from The Schoolhouse Studio to The School House Gallery.

Almost all the work I have for this show has to hang on walls, so I’m going to have to be creative about using and coming up with more wall space.  I already have some idea about covering up my shelves and a window or two and making an interior fabric wall in the middle of the studio.  This will be perfect for hanging my potholders on.

I think I’ll start working on that first and see what I can come up with….it’s more fun than cleaning.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Hi Maria, Going to the dentist is more fun than cleaning. What a great idea to construct inner fabric wall (s). What is that black dress on the wall?
    I see your girl Frieda and the box of Roses ashes. Mavie’s ashes came in the same tin.
    Getting excited? ;>)

    1. IT’s a dress from the 1940’s some neat fabric. Jack from Jack’s Out Back Antiques, gave it to me. And yes, Rosie’s ash tin. I guess it’s the standard, I like it though. Now I’m getting excited.

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