Affectionate Zelda

Zelda (looks like she’s smiling, right?)

I’m not sure what this is about, but ever since the day we put Jake down, Zelda has been unusually affectionate.  I don’t mean she’s cuddling up to me or anything, but on that day she let both me and Deb, (the person not the lamb. Deb watches the animals when we go away) scratch her neck.  I thought she was sick.  She just sat there and didn’t move.  Zelda never does that.  In the past she may have allow me to scratch her back, as long as I didn’t move too quickly.  Now she actually comes up to me and lets me scratch her neck.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s different.

Socks is different too.  She was always friendly, but now she’s really friendly.  She comes right up to me as soon as I walk into the pasture and rubs her head on me.   I know that rams might do that to rub their scent on someone, but Socks is a ewe.  Maybe she’s just itchy.  And in the past couple of days, her lamb Pumpkin is coming close enough to me to touch. (although he won’t let me touch him, not yet)  He used to run if I made any movement to get too close to him.

Ma hasn’t changed, she was always willing to get her back scratched.  And Suzy and Liam and Kim still keep their distance.

But overall it feels to me like something has changed because of all we’ve been through in the past months together.  There’s a recognition between us that I hadn’t experienced before. Jon and I talked about giving the sheep away, and now this.  I have a feeling this is not going to be as simple as we thought.


5 thoughts on “Affectionate Zelda

  1. So sweet..wonder if the sheep would let us touch them at the Open House? It is a little sad to think of your sheep somewhere else..there surely will not be another Maria there for them….they do have such a special life for sheep, don’t they? Looking forward to seeing you Maria, and by the way, I love the vintage hankie potholder..this one ‘s for showing- not blowing!

    1. I imagine the sheep will be on alert at the Open House. So probably they wouldn’t let you get near them, but you never know….. Looking forward to seeing you too Tess. And your hankie rhyme would make a great blog title!

  2. Every time I read about your interactions with the sheep, I am touched. You’re right; I suspect that the thought of giving them away becomes less simple every day. I know that sheep are not pets, but they seem to have a special instinct when it comes to you. Your interactions seem to have progressed to a new level, and I feel that they are so much a part of you, Jon and the farm that their loss might prove more painful than you might have thought. It is a unique relationship; one that might lend more ideas to Jon’s writing and feeling about the animals in Bedlam Farm’s Peaceable Kingdom. I don’t know of anyone else who has connected to animals the way you have; you are a fortunate soul to be able to connect with them the way you have.
    I hope the sheep stay and I hope that you and Jon find a way to do all of the things that your creative beings desire without having to give up any of the animals that make up part of your farm. Whatever you choose to do will, I’m sure, be right for all of you.
    I’m thrilled that the first day of the Open House has proven to be such a wonderful event; I knew it would be. How special for everyone. You have given all of these people something to remember for the rest of their lives. A true gift of the heart. Enjoy tomorrow.

  3. Trust is the gift animals bestow on those who care for them. They acknowledge your providing them food and water and your compassionate kindness. It is a magical present to be accepted by them. Both you and Jon and the sheep have gone through a brutal lambing season, hard on all involved physically and emotionally. This is the first respite you have all had in several months. Take time to recover from it all; to restore yourselves in the simple beauty of summer days. You have a good flock; they are family; they are home.

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