Starting To Look Like A Gallery

studio 1This is what my studio looked like after I moved most of the stuff out that I wanted to move out.  Funny, my sewing machine and iron were some of the last things I moved.  I kept thinking I might need them but of course I didn’t .  (Freida’s bed will be the last thing I move out)  The house is a bit more cluttered, but my studio is looking more like a gallery….


I took a flannel sheet and stretched it across the shelves where I keep some of my fabric making a flat surface to hang my potholders.


Since that worked out so well, I did the same with my double windows.  These are the windows I look out of when I’m sewing.  It was strange covering them up, but I kinda love the light that comes through them.  I might be able to hang a framed photo from the wood between the windows, otherwise more potholders or my wall hangings.

studio 2A little more clean-up and moving some furniture out and rearranging the rest.   With the shelves and windows covered, I don’t need to make the interior wall.  My desk will sit in the middle of the gallery with my and Jon’s notecards on it and Mary Kelloggs  poetry books.  Donna Wynbrandt also has an art book which may go there too.  Although I may need a couple of more flat surfaces for it all.  My friend Kim, (who sews my potholders and scarves) will be handling the sales this time  Bless her) so I’ll be free to schmooze a bit.   Kim will probably be at the desk too, with cash box,  iphone and Square (for taking credit cards) and ipad aka calculator.

I might just mop the floor before calling it quits for the day.  Tomorrow I can start moving some of the art in. It just gets better and better.

5 thoughts on “Starting To Look Like A Gallery

  1. I love the beautiful rich buttery look of your wood walls and floor. What a wonderful backdrop to art!

  2. Hi Maria
    Gosh, I wish we could be there!! Duane suffered a fall & has multiple small fractures of the pelvis…happened May 2, hospital 4 days & skilled nursing 30 days…he’s home now but needless to say no time to quilt (or do much else!!)…Love the pics of your studio, I’m sure the open house will be grand!! Have a wonderful 2 days & know that we’re there with you in spirit…
    Best regards,

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