Visiting Sheep

Deb and Ma
Deb and Ma

I walked into the pole barn after brushing the donkeys and sat down with the sheep.  Zelda came up and sniffed me.  I rubbed her neck and when I stopped she just stayed there looking at me.  I looked back trying to open myself up to her, trying to listen.  But no words came, just a comfortable silence. An ease that I don’t usually feel from Zelda.

Then Socks came over and rubbed her head on my knee.  I scratched her ears and as we sat there, Pumpkin came up to me and sniffed my hand then the top of my boot.  He seemed curious and unafraid.   Suzy and Liam lounged against the barn and Ma and Deb hung around on the other side of the fence.  Kim was the only one who was restless.   So this is what it’s like when Red’s not around I thought.

Jon and Red left to help  neighbors round up some runaway sheep so I was doing  the afternoon chores by myself.  I haven’t spent much time with the sheep like this.  Usually they’re running from here to there watching Red and moving according to what he does.  But today I sat with them long enough to get a feeling for what it might be like when there are no people or dogs around.  I felt like I had come to their home for a visit.  Everyone was relaxed, just doing what they do. I felt like I got to know them a little better.  I felt like they had accepted me.

8 thoughts on “Visiting Sheep

  1. What a refreshing blog. I know that feeling, of peace with animals and you wrote it beautifully. Cannot wait to meet you in October.

  2. Maria, you need to keep those sheep. They belong at Bedlam Farm. Even Kim. She is kind of an outsider but every group needs one of those. I know it is quite an expense and if you do decide to sell or give them away, everyone will understand. But your post today tells me that they are comfortable there. Their home.

  3. How sweet. What a wonderful. tranquil feeling that must have been. You have a wonderful, kind and open way with all of the animals, but I think that the sheep sense it strongly. You are part of their lives. You helped to bring them into the world and nurture them. You cared for them when they were sick; I think they sense your importance to them. I love looking at all of them, but I suspect Kim and Deb might be my favorites. Kim is so beautiful and Deb seems to have that light always around her. Perhaps she is a special soul. I feel fortunate that you have shared the lambing experience with all of us.

  4. I love what you wrote here. How you connect with the sheeps and how they are when Red is not around. Everyone must have been relaxing.

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