Hanging the Show at my School House Gallery

studio  19I got my work hung today and wires on all of Jon’s photos.    I won’t be have all of the artists work until tomorrow afternoon.  So I can’t get too much more done in the gallery until I have them.  Tomorrow I’ll work on labels and packing up Jon’s lamb notecards that we got today. Then in the late afternoon I’ll hang the rest of the show.

My Wallhangings, potholder on the fabric wall and my scarves in the window of my School House Gallery

5 thoughts on “Hanging the Show at my School House Gallery

  1. Everything looks amazing. I know that I will be at an Open House within the next couple of years.

    I’m taking a short bus trip in October and have ordered the book about Simon for the ride. I asked Jon to autograph, To Kathy, the vicarious farmer. I am, thanks to you both. The 2 of you are such special people. Thanks for sharing your wonderful intelligent lives with us.

    I have fairy gardens in my garden because of your postings last year.

    I’ll be watching the site for whatever didn’t sell, but I don’t want to be selfish………. so I hope there isn’t anything left!


  2. Maria, everything looks sooooooo beautiful!!! You are an artist and a curator. I wish I could be there to meet all of you in person. You have all become so much a part of my life. I wish you much success at the Open House.
    If you have any lamb notecards left, I would love to buy a set or two.
    Please keep me in mind. I think it is sweet that all of the lambs are included, even little Jake. He certainly was a presence at Bedlam Farm.
    I know the open house involves lots of work on yours and Jon’s part, but it truly is a gift to those who are able to come. Enjoy.

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