A Tour of My School House Gallery Exhibit

studio 1 (1)When you walk in the door of my School House Gallery this is what you’ll see, my work  to the right of you…

studio 2 (1)….then Debbie Glessner’s photographs and Carol Bollinger Green’s drawings….

studio 3…. on the back wall, a little of everyone…..

studio 4

….Jon’s photo’s  and Donna Wynbrandt’s  paintings.  (not the animal paintings but some wonderful still life’s and a portrait of Athena Burke) ….

studio 5

…..then back to the door my potholders and scarves, my and Jon’s notecards and Mary Kellogg’s poetry books.  Now just to clean up and hang some labels.  By 11:00 tomorrow morning I’ll be ready for the Open House.


9 thoughts on “A Tour of My School House Gallery Exhibit

  1. It looks beautiful Maria I so wish I could be there tomorrow to meet you and Jon and all the animals and see the farm Ive been reading about for 7 or so years . That is so nice of you to host an open house for the blog followers and for people who admire your art and Jons writing. Maybe someday. I live in Colorado but my heart will be there on Bedlam Farm with all of you. Have a wonderful open house. Barb

  2. Maria

    I just love that you give this visual tour of the studio before the weekend begins. It is so much fun to see it transformed since I am not there but hope to be one day. I was struck by the horse photo [I assume by Debbie Glessner]. If I was there I would purchase it. If it is not sold, will she take it back to Bucks Co? {I live not too far away in PA] I wish you an amazing weekend. I know by taking a look around that it will be a huge success and much of the work will sell. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy from afar!

    1. I love it Janet that you saw Debbie’s photo. Another way of selling the artists work. And yes the horse didn’t sell but Debbie is taking it back with her. I will email you about it so you can buy it from Debbie. Thanks

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