Jon and Maria’s Note Cards For Sale

Jon's Lamb Notecards
“Lamb” note cards by Jon Katz

The Bedlam Farm Open House is over  (until October when we do it again) and now we have some note cards for sale.  We have Jon’s Lamb Notecards, Peaceable Kingdom  Notecards and my Everyday Goddess Notecards.

In the pack of Lamb note cards there are pictures of Ma and all the lambs.  As many of you know, Jake died shortly after the pictures were taken. But so many people requested seeing the two lambs together we decided to use those photos in the notecards.  I chose these photos because I felt they capture the emotion that I experienced lambing for the first time.

Bedlam Farm Animal note cards by Jon Katz
“Peaceable Kingdom” note cards by Jon Katz

The “Peaceable Kingdom” notecards illustrate how the animals on Bedlam Farm get along with each other.  Dogs and sheep and donkeys and hens living together in peace (most of the time anyway).

Everyday Goddess Notecards by Maria Wulf
“Everyday Goddess” Notecards by Maria Wulf

The “Everyday Goddess” note cards are my first note cards in many years.  They are cards  of some of my  latest drawings.  They speak of the power and connection of women, creativity and nature.

There are four 5×7 signed notecards in each pack.   They are $20 each +  $5 shipping for 1-2 packs and $10 shipping  for 3 or more packs (a bit more for shipping to Canada).

If you’re interested in any of the notecards you can use the paypal button below. Please be sure to leave a note on the order to let me know which pack(s) of card(s) you would like.

Or, I also take checks. (again, don’t forget to let me know which pack(s) or card(s) you want)

You can send checks to:

Full Moon Fiber Art
PO Box 205
Cambridge NY 12816

4 thoughts on “Jon and Maria’s Note Cards For Sale

  1. Hi Maria,

    I just paid for two packages of note cards through PayPal but forgot to indicate which ones! “Lamb” and “Peaceable Kingdom,” please!

    Kathleen : )

  2. Hello Jon and Maria,
    I, too, have been touched by the story of the white lambs, so I just placed an order via paypal and am requesting the lamb cards. Thank you both for selecting these moving photos.

    Your peaceable Kingdom lives in our hearts.


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