Finishing Up My Kickstarter Project

kickstarterIt’s the other end of the Open House.  The part that takes place upstairs in the Guest Room/Office where I do my shipping and book-keeping etc.   By yesterday I had all the money and commissions figured out and checks mailed to the artists who showed their work in my gallery.

Today, I’m sending off the last of the pledges to my Kickstarter Backers.  These are the people who pledged money for “Reclaiming Vintage Hankies”.   Part of that money went to buying a new sewing machine and part of it to make my notecards.  It turns out I got my new machine just in time.   The feed dogs on my  “old” machine (really just a few years old) have stopped working.  Jackie at Heirloom sewing said I might try taking it to Albany to a Brother dealer to see if they can fix it, but she can’t.  It just won’t feed the fabric through anymore.  But I can still use it for free motion sewing, so for now, that’s what I’ll do.  One machine for straight stitching and one for free motion.  It will work out fine.

The last Kickstarter rewards to go out were the single note cards.  Each card is signed on the back, but I didn’t want to write in the card.  So I  slipped a small  thank you note on a piece of card stock with one of my business cards  into the notecard.  It’s satisfying to know that the project is complete.   I still have tons of Vintage Hankies to make scarves and potholders from and will keep the project going in that way.   But it feels like something has ended and it’s time for something new to begin.  I wonder what will come next…….

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