Hospital Room Sun Rise

Jon’s iphone photo of the sunrise from his hospital room

This is one of the many reasons why I love Jon so much.  This morning I got this photo on my iphone from him.  It’s the morning sun coming in his hospital room window.  His wonderfully creative  mind never stops.  Already he has a long list of how to keep his dignity and humanity while being poked and prodded and constantly told what  he can and can’t do.  I don’t  remember them all, but keeping perspective, getting other people stories and finding the beauty no matter what, are three of them.   You just wrote a blog post I told him as he ran off the list over the phone.

Jon will have bypass surgery early next week.  His  arteries are weak by his heart is strong.  And the surgery, though serious is pretty low risk.  I’ll be staying in a hotel near the hospital during the surgery and for his recovery, about a week in all.    And even if I don’t answer all your email and messages, we do appreciate all your loving and supportive messages.

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  1. Jon is always looking for the healing sun.
    Thank YOU Maria for keeping us updated on Jon’s condition.
    Give him our love.

  2. Thanks, Maria, for the updates. I, like so many, read both your and Jon’s blogs regularly and we appreciate your efforts to let us know what is happening. My thoughts and prayers are going out for you and Jon daily.

  3. Maria,
    Wishing you and Jon the best as he has surgery. It isn’t always fun, but you never know what you’ll end up laughing over!

  4. Wishing you strength and solace for both of you as you walk through this moment in your lives. Thanks for still thinking of your readers/followers/fans and keeping us updated.

  5. Thanks so much for keeping us posted, Maria. Jon’s and your blog “community” are sending good wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.


  6. My best wishes to you both for a much better physical future. Jon WILL feel much better. I had a serious heart attack 6 years ago–had two stents inserted. My son-in-law, only 56 years old, had quadruple heart bypass surgery last year (a family inheritance all the male members of his family come to this early).

    One thing to watch out for and weather is a deep feeling of mistrust towards the body–it has let you down. Then comes (for many) quite deep depression–no need to fight it; just realize it is very commonplace and Jon will work out of it if it should hit.

    Jon sent me good wishes six years ago on his blog and now I return them. A good, but very careful summer is ahead of you both–add enjoyment to your days. Love each other , as you do, and as my husband and I do. Illness sharpens one’s awareness of each other and our relationship has become so much stronger–along with our bodies.

    I love you two also–for sharing so much with your readers; you may not realize how much strength you give to us all and now is the time for us to return it to and I do so–triple fold.

    My love and care to you both, Erika W.

  7. Dear Maria,

    Having worked in healthcare in a past life and then having experienced different healthcare systems numerous times while being in hospital rooms with family members, I empathize with how different and sometimes difficult a world hospitals and healthcare systems can be. Thank you for sharing this picture of the sunrise. A true reminder that beauty and love can enter all spaces. Prayers for healing and strength to you and to Jon.


    Mary Butterfield

  8. Dearest Friend, My Love is with you both.
    If there is ANY assistance I can be, let me know!
    ALL lOVE, M

  9. Cardiac surgeries have made incredible strides in the past few years. It’s a great relief to see someone you love go through it and come out stronger and healthier on the other side. You are both in my thoughts.

  10. Hospitals are a scary place to be. I have sat there not knowing the outcome, waiting for news. Did the procedure go well? Is the blood test back? What did the x-rays show? Feeling as if life has paused but it really hasn’t. Longing for normal or what was before but knowing normal has been changed. So sorry you have to go through this. Glad to know it’s fixable. Sending positive energy your way.
    Sincerely, Alice

  11. Oh MariaI’m so very sorry that you and Jon are having to go through this, didn’t we, all his blog followers, know that he had a strong heart though and it certainly is full of love for you and all his farm friends. You are both in my thoughts, it will be good to have the surgery over with. Take care of yourself.

  12. You have a wonderful network of friends keeping you and Jon in their thoughts and prayers. May you feel all the love and support coming your way!

  13. Maria, my mother (who also had diabetes and numerous other health problems) had a quadruple bypass at the age of 76, just months after she’d had a hip replacement. Some scary moments along the way, but she did fine, and Jon will, too. Remember to breathe, and get as much sleep as you can, even if it’s sitting upright in a hospital chair.

  14. Maria, that husband of yours is incredible! Just wanted to say that I am thinking of you very much right now. It can be so hard being a wife and looking on, however strong a person you are. That’s what love does for you! Take care and know that we all have you both in our hearts and in our prayers. Love Marlene x

  15. Maria, we’ll be praying for Jon’s surgeons, you, and, of course, for Jon. My dad had bypass surgery 30+ years ago and they’ve made such progress in their procedure. None the less, as the one waiting, you’ll be nervous and worried. You’ve got the job of waiting to hear that he’s done well. Hang in there.

  16. You take care of yourself and Jon. Just know that you both are in my thoughts and prayers. You both are in good hands and have lots of angels around you, earthbound and above. <3

  17. Maria – I’m praying for you and Jon…….he’ll be all better before we know it!! Love to both of you!

  18. Love to you Maria…. I had to take my husband to the ER one night… and as it is my way of “handling things”, I become very, very quite.. but I was standing over him, as he was shaking with pain, tears rolling down my face… and the wonderful nurse looked at me and said, “He is going to be okay. Hey, look at me. He’s going to be fine. And especially in a few minutes when the pain meds kick in!” Bless her heart. I’m thankful you know that this is a surgery that is highly successful.. and, I’m so thankful you can witness the power and positive being that is your sweetheart dealing as he does, under such heavy circumstances. Again, sending my love to you, dear girl. YOU are a great blessing to all of us lucky enough to know you. – Suzi

  19. Praying for Jon to have a successful surgery and recovery and for you to be afforded strength and positive energy.

  20. And we will all be here holding vigil until y’all are able to be back. So much gratitude. So much love. Sending the good stuff to you.

  21. Hi Maria,
    I have been such a fan of Jon’s since his first books and have been to 2 book signings when he has come to the Chicago area. He has grown and changed so much since he first answered me in an email, become so much more caring and trusting of people. I think he had so few people with whom he felt safe, especially in his growing up years, and that closed him off from letting people get close to him. Now he is just opening up more and more and realizing how many really wonderful people are in the world and how your life grows with them. I truly send heartfelt wishes for a successful surgery and rapid recovery. Yes , he has made me angry sometimes and I sure wished we.could have exchanged points of view many times, but he is a gifted writer and I would be lost without finding his writings and compassion for your animals, your growing wisdom of each other, and his prodding to each of us to find and live an honest and creative life. You have the hope of many people for Jon’s recovery and a return to your life at Bedlam.

  22. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. I start each day reading both of your blogs and tomorrow I will start by praying and sending good thoughts to the both of you. You bring so much to others. Now it’s our turn to help you guys in whatever way we can…..

    Kathy P.

  23. Hi Maria, (and Jon)
    When I first read about Jon going to the hospital and having a clogged artery my initial reaction was “this explains a lot” – his feeling “old” and not having as much energy.
    I thought about writing right away, but I am certain you are getting tons of emails. However, now that I know he is having bypass surgery I am compelled to write. In 1988 I went to Florida to meet up with a friend who had been down there for a week participating in the Red Sox Fantasy Camp. The plan was to see his exhibition game and then “do” Disney. After one day at Epcot, where I came down with a 24 hour bug, my friend confessed to me that his heart wasn’t feeling right. (He had had a mild heart attack a few years before.) I took him to the first Urgent Care place I could find. The next day he had quadruple bypass surgery. I extended my stay to be there with him and after a week(!) he was able to fly home with my assistance. It was a wild ride. The first day I saw him after surgery was the most difficult, but he made a full recovery and I am sure Jon will, too. Infact, he will probably feel better than he has for a while. I could write in more detail, but I am sure that I am not the only person of the 200,000+ who has written you about their experience with heart issues; and the only one that matters is yours. Sending you lots of healing love, Carol

  24. Maria Thank you so much for letting us know what is happening with Jon. You both will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery. Im a RN in a hospital and work on the cardiac floor Ive taken care of hundreds of bypass patients in 34 years and they do wonderfully and so will Jon!! I was walking my dogs today and the wind was blowing over the tall grasses in the field and I found great beauty in that. I remembered Jons recent post about the beauty in everyday things. I smiled when you told of Jons hospital photo. I will hold you both in my heart. Jon will be fine. Cant wait till he’s back to blogging we miss him. Hugs Barb Sieke

  25. We’re thinking of you and Jon, and hope for the best. Bypass surgery is serious and scary, but I’ve had several friends undergo cardiac bypass and are now doing great. Here’s wishing that Jon’s surgery and recovery goes just as well. You will both be in own thoughts and hearts,

  26. Dear Maria

    I too am another faithful reader of Jon’s books and both your blogs
    A year ago my husband went into the hospital for a stress test and the next day he had quintuple bypass
    It was scarey time however he is doing GREAT and as the Dr’s told him as much more energy now then before the surgery
    He is Jon’s age
    Love and hugs to you both

  27. Jon and Maria,
    You have brought so much joy into my life these past years. I have laughed, cried and cried again as I have enjoyed your daily journey with all of us. I have told so many people about your wonderful work(s) and projects. For all you have given me, my small prayer goes back out to you. May Gods blessings overflow more than you can imagine…….

  28. Sending my very best wishes and thoughts of health to you and Jon, Maria – will be thinking of you and sending much love – Jon should have much more energy and the two of you long years ahead together for your rich and full lives and love. How fortunate this was discovered so that he can get “fixed up”! All good wishes to you both.

  29. Maria,
    As many have said before thank you for keeping us posted on Jon’s status.
    I have been mooving these last few days & haven’t been online much. However, both
    Jon & you have been in my thoughts often. I didn’t realize how much you have become a part of my life until i realized how worried I have been about both of you. Continued good thoughts & prayers are always being sent to you.

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