Love and Creativity

portrait of jon and mariaJon and I were amazed when, just before I left the hospital, we both realized what fun we had today.  I ran back to the room to get my iphone so I could take a portrait of us in the convex mirror on the ceiling in the hallway.  This is what our day was like, in between the hospital stuff.  Getting excited about all the creative things that will come out of this whole experience.  How Jon will take pictures without picking up his camera for 3 months.  How for the next few weeks my work will focus on drawing and blogging.  How Jon will  write about this all on his blog and in a book.   And how our work will change.  Love and creativity is driving us and grounding us.

14 thoughts on “Love and Creativity

  1. How wonderful life is that you found each other. You seem to be such kindred spirits. Wishing you well. Althea

  2. Maria, I love this photo…so creative! A shining example of “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade” if I ever saw one! You & Jon will be in my prayers, both tomorrow & throughout his recovery…

    Kathleen M

  3. You both are such an inspiration.
    Always looking for the light, and the positive,creative moments in all that “life” brings your way……
    Thank you.

  4. This reminded me of a verse, believe it’s from Proverbs. “A merry heart doeth good like medicine.”

  5. Xoxo to you Maria and Jon. Jon has a wonderful strong and healthy loving heart – oh the book he will write, indeed. Much peace and love to both of you – what a lovely, lovely post. Xoxo

  6. Good for you both..I think a good attitude has so much to do with health!
    Thinking and praying for you both. xo

  7. I had a friend who spent hours with her husband while he was in an Alzheimer’s facility. She wrote lots of wonderful poetry during that time of “sitting,” and a book resulted.
    The two of you are so right that unexpected journeys fuel creativity.
    Love and hugs to you both!

  8. Maria, it feels so selfish to say that we miss Jon. It says that we want and need him. And this is the time when we need to give back to him. I think I must speak for many readers of the blog when I say that he is an important part of our days, our joy, our understanding. I just miss his words and pictures. And I wish him well during this difficult time. And you also. You are terrific people who share so much with us. We want to share our best wishes. Thinking of Jon and you tomorrow, Tuesday.

  9. Sending you and Jon many prayers. Both of you have such positive attitudes and a brilliant approach to his recovery. Know all will be well.


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