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donkeys fbI want to thank you all for your kind words and wishes.  I’m not able to answer or comment on  them right now, but  that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about them and appreciating them.  I read each one and they all mean so much.

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  1. Maria, try not to overload yourself in keeping up the blog as you are doing if you don’t have the energy or focus to do it. Your brief words and messages though are important to so many who follow your blogs, a word that did not exist twenty years ago and which would have been foreign to all our lives. Yet because of these blogs, you are both now so much a part of many people’s lives that we feel you are a member of ours. What is amazing is that Jon managed to get himself through the Open House and then his dental issues. Jon’s given emotional sustenance to many; now is our time to give back to you in allowing you the space to do what you need to do, save your strength for yourself and for Jon as you need to. You appear to have lots of support from others where you live and I’m trusting you don’t have to worry about the care of the animals as well. It’s a pretty sobering experience when our bodies all of a sudden malfunction. I always think to fool myself that aging and health issues are for other people, not myself and imagine when something like this happens…who me, I say, why that’s not supposed to happen to moi.
    Sandy P in Canada

  2. lovie you must know that we are all thinking of you and jon — love your spirits — the pic of you guys in the mirror and your plans for the future are fabulous — you guys are amazing!

  3. A lot of people care about you and Jon…thanks for keeping us posted on what’s going on…I’ve been reading about Jon for years and years, way back to the Orson days….I am hoping for a good outcome with this latest procedure and that he’ll be home soon…

  4. Jon and Maria,
    Sending healing thoughts to you from Missouri. Holding you both on my heart.

    Peace be with you,


  5. Maria and Jon,
    I’ve been reading both blogs daily for as long as you’ve been writing them. What an adventure it’s been. It was especially helpful during my own recovery from open heart surgery on 5 blocked arteries. (If you haven’t been called “a cabbage” yet, you will be soon.) I’m grateful for the entire experience every day.

    Loving you both,

  6. Dear Lord,
    We ask that You surround Jon with Your light of peace and healing. We pray that You guide the surgeon’s hands and that wellness comes quickly and quietly. Thank You Lord for Your grace and mercy.
    In Jesus’ name we pray,

  7. This is Martha…in West Monroe, LA…wishing Jon the best possible surgery result, and peace for you as you stand by and wait for his recovery…will pray for you both

    Martha Crist

  8. Good Afternoon Maria,

    I was first “introduced” to Jon through a 2009 article in “Saratoga Living” magazine, giving me the interest through his writing to turn off the television and read starting with “Running to the Mountain”

    I subscribe to his blog, and was more than interested in the “next episode” following the mildly put “medical emergency” so a “thank you” for bringing us up to date with your posts.

    Another belated “thank you” to both you and Jon for sharing what I found to be one of the most poignant photos in my recent memory that being the photo Jon included on this June 9 post captioned “A Healing Love”.

    You and Jon are in our thoughts and we wish you well.

  9. Jon and Maria,

    Bedlam Farm has been an indescribably valuable part of my online life for more years than I can remember. I get teary thinking about it. You are in my thoughts and prayers – I wish you all the best in the days ahead.
    Sending you much love from Cape Cod.


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