Patience and Faith

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Today is Jon’s surgery.  Like the winter solstice, after the longest night, the days will begin to be lighter longer.  A gradual process of patience and faith.

17 thoughts on “Patience and Faith

  1. I will be thinking of you both & sending power-filled Healing Thoughts your way…..LOVE TO YOU BOTH, PATTI

  2. Maria, it is a different world now and who would have thought that your lives, you and Jon, ever become so public and yet, the support, the kindness and the love that you are experiencing are a direct result of all this. Much good energy is going your way today. And to Jon, who has provided much mental stimulation and comfort for so many.
    SandyP in Canada

  3. So right Maria. Light following darkness is so sweet. Extra special thoughts for you and Jon today. We all surround you with our love and prayers.

  4. I’ve been a devoted reader of Jon’s books and blogs for many years. So often he has put my emotions, thoughts and experiences into words. His gift for expression has given me the vocabulary to speak up. His journey has inspired my own “call to life”. I can never repay Jon for what he has done for me through his work. When I woke early this morning I thought of Jon’s challenge today. And of yours. I’m sending the most fervent warm thoughts, prayers and good wishes your way for a successful operation and a healthful recovery.

    Heidi Janes
    Providence, RI

  5. Maria, You and Jon are foremost in my thoughts today.
    The first few days are a little difficult, but I remember that after my husband’s surgery I thought “Wow, he already looks healthier!”
    My husband says to tell Jon “Be an obedient patient and take the pain medicine — it definitely helps!)My observation: definitely helps the pain, not necessarily one’s thought processes. We had some good laughs later about things my husband said while “under the influence!”

  6. Dear Maria and Jon,
    May all the blessings be with you on this day, and all our thoughts and prayers are with you both. Sending positive healing energy your way, and all will be well once Jon returns home, and rests with all the love coming your way, and the all the animals near by. I know you will be good to, knowing he is recovering well at home, your heart and soul.

  7. My heart is breaking for you. After I read your post and saw your drawings I felt the need to comment and tell you that you and Jon are in my prayers and I have been sending reiki to the both of you since I heard the news. Waiting is the hardest thing. I’ll keep sending positive healing energy. Stay strong.

  8. Hi Maria and Jon,
    It is good to see that you are now upright, even though your world is still skewed. Your strengths and tenacity are being tested, and you will be tired and may even get cranky, but that is I. Be easy on y ourselves and let the body and the universe bring you back.
    Thinking good thoughts for you.

  9. i’ve thought about you every minute today. i was stunned by your drawings of waiting. i’ve never seen a better description of what it’s like waiting for news that a lover will be well. it’s going to be ok, Maria. Jon will be the Worst Prima Donna in no time

  10. I hope Jon’s surgery went well, as I have every confidence it did. Western medicine doesn’t address everything well, but it’s at its best with bypass surgery. Best of wishes to you and Jon this evening.

  11. Your sketches are great! Your love for Jon comes pouring through them. You will both be back home feeding the donkeys together before you know it. Glad things went as planned. Thinking of you both.

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