3 thoughts on “ICU Drawing

  1. You are both troopers! Aren’t we lucky to live in this age, medicine is pretty amazing. Virtual hugs to you both, so glad things are going well, Jon is missed and I bet all the 4 foots are missing him too. Take care, Kate

  2. I discovered Jon when I was first home recovering from my heart attack & stroke in 2010. We rented a video and it was about Jon and his first border collie. The shower scene had me laughing so hard! I had gone thru my Mattie girl joining me in the shower the year before.
    Now just in May, my husband I reversed positions with him in the hospital and me not the patient. A strange situation and I’m afraid he does a much better job of being non-patient. Because of his age, they put him in ICU after his surgery. WE lucked out with there being no cancer when they removed a 1 1/2 foot section of his colon. So all the waiting fear was prior to surgery. He’s mostly back to normal but still bulking at the lifting restrictions, until he finds out it’s still needed. Yes, wlk and walk and mor walk for your rehab back to health now!

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