A New Quilt Started from Scraps

Plastic bag of scraps
Plastic bag of scraps

Started a quilt today.  Emptied a plastic bag filled with scraps from Laura Israel’s every giving collection of fabric.  And, Mary Ann Pettway (Gee’s Bend) style, I just started sewing the pieces together that were the same size. Came up with this:

scrap quilt 2


scrap quilt 3

This is as far as I got for today…

scrap quilt 4



11 thoughts on “A New Quilt Started from Scraps

  1. I inherited a large box of quilting pieces when my grandmother died. I would guess many of them are 40-50 years old or older. I don’t know what to do with them and wondered if you’d like them. I follow your blog regularly as well as Jon’s and love both of your work very much. I’m happy to ship them to you. Just let me know. Thanks, Maria.

  2. I just started zentangling, and now I look at your quilt squares a whole new way! So glad you’ve been able to get back into your studio to work. Caregiving is not easy! Hugs to you! Debbie

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