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Welcome to the First Bedlam Farm Open House Gallery.  As you scroll through you’ll see what’s still available from the Open House in June.  Everything is for sale so if you’re interested in anything you see just email me here or at [email protected].   I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.  Enjoy looking around and thanks for coming.

Freedom Potholders
Freedom Potholders $15 each (only 4 left)

I have a bunch of Freedom Potholders for sale.  They are inspired by my recent trip to Gees Bend Alabama and the time I spent with quilter MaryAnn Pettway.  At Gee’s Bend I learned a new way of making quilts and potholders and you can see it here in my Freedom Potholders.

My Freedom Potholders are $15 each + $5 shipping for 1-2 or $10 shipping for 3 or more.

Black Hankie Scarf
Black Hankie Scarf  $45 SOLD

I have two Vintage Hankie Scarves for sale.  They are $45 + $7 shipping each.  One is in the original style and the other is the Waterfall style.

Waterfall Scarf
Waterfall Scarf  $45
Flo on the Rocker
“Flo on the Rocker” $150. SOLD

I have four of Jon’s signed  photos for sale. They are all 11×14 images with an archival mat to fit into a 16×20″ frame.  The photo’s were printed specially by photographer George Forss on digital paper.  They are $150 each + $10 shipping.

Timeless Fanny
“Timeless Fanny” $150
"Red at Work"  $150
“Red at Work” $150  SOLD
"Farm in Jackson NY"  $150
“Farm in Jackson NY” $150

I have four Vintage Hankie Potholders for sale.  They are made from torn and worn Vintage Hankies and are $20 + $5 shipping each.

Vintage Hankie Potholders $20 each
Vintage Hankie Potholders $20 each (3 left)

And two potholders made from an old pillow sham given to me by a friend.  They are $15 each + $5 shipping for one or both.

Pillow Sham Potholders
Pillow Sham Potholders

I also have my wall hanging “Blinded by Belief” for sale.  This piece is about how we hold onto our beliefs even if they no longer serve us.  How we can often not see the truth in front of us because of what we’ve been taught by our families, our peers and society or just by what we have come to believe  ourselves  and can’t seem to let go even if they are damaging or no longer relevant to us or others.   Blinded By Belief $150 + $10 shipping.

Blinded by Belief
Blinded by Belief

Well, that’s the end of the Gallery tour.  Don’t forget, if you see something you like you can email me at [email protected].  Thanks for coming and hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.

6 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Open House Online Gallery

  1. I would love to purchase the black hankie scarf, if it is still available. Please advise! Thanks, Maria! LT

  2. I can’t believe Blinded by Belief hasn’t sold! It is such a gorgeous and effectual hanging. I just don’t get it…(help me to understand please…) 0000000(just hugs. No sweat)

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