Winner of the Common Thread Give-a-way…..

Karen Heenan's felted Lion
Karen Heenan’s felted Lion

Well, I’m not going to tell you who the winner is of this lovely lion is, you’ll have to click here and  go to Karen’s website Sewing by the Seat of my Pants to find out.  And if you didn’t win but see something you like on Karen’s ETSY shop, if you use the code Thank You, you’ll get 10% off anything you purchase.  (it’s not just lions either).

Next Month it’s my turn to give something away in the Common Thread Give-a-way (hopefully we’ll have no more delays like we did this  month)  Then the schedule goes like this: (Although I wouldn’t be surprised if we had another guest artist or two inbetween)

Aug 4 – Rachel Barlow- Picking My Battles

Sept 1 – Kim Gifford- Pugs and Pics

Oct 6 – Jane McMillen- Little House Home Arts
Nov 3 – Jon Katz- Bedlam Farm

Then me again…..


One thought on “Winner of the Common Thread Give-a-way…..

  1. Maria — I would be happy to donate a photo or a zentangle drawing for one of your giveaways if you are interested.

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