New Normal

New Normal QuiltSo here’s how it went in my studio today….

New Normal Quilt 2New Normal Quilt 3Not sure about the last piece on the right yet.  Those patches of color aren’t permanent yet.  I’ll be moving them around to see where they work best.  And it looks much darker in this photo than it actually it.  It’s  a navy with white plaid lines, but I may change that too when I look at it tomorrow.

I’m calling this quilt “New Normal” which comes from something Harriet wrote to me in an email.  She wrote: “And then, when the emergency is over, we find ourselves needing to re-enter normalcy. However, it’s a new normal–things will never be quite the same again. And that brings a whole new set of opportunities/challenges.”

2 thoughts on “New Normal

  1. I love the progress photos Maria. It’s great to see the pieces come together for you. Thank you for the beautiful work you do.

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